The Advantage of Stone Wool for Fire Protection We’re here to help you better understand fire safety regulations in building codes, fire safety testing standards and design requirements for wildland–urban interface zones.

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Stone is our core raw material and the bedrock on which our business is based. It is naturally resilient and essentially inexhaustible as the earth makes 38,000 times more rock every year (through volcanic and oceanic activity) than we use to make stone wool.

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shed video

How to build a backyard office shed

Is anyone surprised that creating more usable space in our homes is a major trend coming out of 2020?

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Canada Rebate Landing page
Green building

Canada Greener Homes Grant

The Canadian Goverment wants to help Canadians make where they live more energy-efficient. This means homes will be more comfortable and more affordable to maintain while also supporting our environmental objectives.

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Commercial building with reflection
Building codes and standards
Energy efficiency

Building Information Modelling advances the evolution of architecture

This article looks at what BIM is, what BIM objects are, file types, why and where BIM objects are used. It will outline why ROCKWOOL offers BIM objects and the details they include. Finally, the article will look at the future of BIM and how it is expected to revolutionize workflow for the architecture, design, engineering and construction communities and improve the built environment.

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