Supporting thermal regulation compliance

More stringent thermal regulations are now in place across the UK, bringing significant changes for new and existing buildings.

To help you understand what's changed, what it means for specification and installation, plus how ROCKWOOL insulation solutions can assist in meeting and exceeding the new requirements, download our straightforward guides to thermal regulations.

We have guides available for England, Wales, and Scotland with the regulations that will apply to your project's location.  

Country-specific regulations

We've analysed the recent changes to thermal regulations for England, Wales, and Scotland, giving you a side-by-side comparison with the previous edition.

You'll also find required u-values at at-a-glance, whether you're working on a wall or warm roof, and a link to our u-value calculator to work out the necessary thermal performance for your project.

Thermal regulations guides

Suggested constructions 

You'll find a suggested construction for each substrate to help meet or exceed the new thermal regulations. We've also advised how to use ROCKWOOL insulation alongside other commonly specified materials to help achieve the updated demands.

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Whole house recipes

NEW for this edition are whole-house dwelling recipes using various combinations of fabric and renewable energy elements. We've created options for different dwelling types, from apartments to detached homes.

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ROCKWOOL Approved Document L Guidance for England

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ROCKWOOL Approved Document L Guidance for Wales

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ROCKWOOL Technical Handbook Section 6 Energy Guidance for Scotland